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I was first introduced to Darren through a work colleague some 2-3 years ago.He soon recommended a Royal London Savings investment that he said "I could access my money whenever I wanted." A couple of people had already started their plans so I entered into this with what I thought were my 'eyes open.' Now, some years later I find out the Darren has been liberal with the truth.

I find out that on a 20 year savings plan the $3,500 I had been nesting away, the first 18 mths payments ($63,000) I'm actually unable to get this money back until the end of 20 year term without servere penalty/loss. I was persuaded to increase my contribution to $5,500 after 12 mths, little did I know this money would be 'locked in' for another 20 years. My job here is coming to an end, I need to access that money which was the original intention. I feel as though I have been duped by a smooth talking lard4rse salesman who only cared about how much commission he would make out of us.

Can we get together and have strength in numbers?Somebody needs to stop this egotistical drunk maniac.

Review about: Sinclair James International Investment Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


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Baldy Brindle is a financial car crash. I had a couple of investments through this clown, both lost money. He had the cheek to ask for more money!!!


For more about the guy who posts this nonsense


Brindle is heading for a car crash. He has stitched up his best mate even and sold him a load of duff/expensive plans that are bleeding money. He will pretend to be your best buddy, drinking partner, get his claws into you (& your friends) then disappear off the radar like a ghost ship.

He is no better than a stinking cockroach.

Nashua, New Hampshire, United States #1355842

Brindle and Wilkes a marriage made in heaven. They both steal money. Twats and a disgrace to financial services

to Anonymous #1357218

Both are punching above their weights. Soon they'll reap the rewards of their actions, I'm talking about all expenses trip to the slammer. Do they like prison food?


Darren brindle charges clients 5% for TAM.That goes in his pocket as TAM have no charge.

Then he puts TAM in a personal portfolio bond and makes another 7%. That's 12% up front commission. TAM charge 0.66% per annum. Brindle charges 2% per annum.

That's for life. So he makes 1.33% per annum for life. What for? TAM make all the decisions.

Fat boy gets paid for doing nothing.Brindle you will go to jail


Darren brindle is a crook. He should be in jail.


Brindle is a closet homo & cross dresser. Brindle has a taste for Thai ladyboy which he love to entertain in his hotel room.


I've had dealings with Darren, he seems very '*** sure' of himself. I invested 90k into TAM but am in the process of withdrawing my funds and washing my hands of Sinclair James. If there were one or two comments you could probably take with a pinch of salt, this is clearly NOT the case, there is no smoke without fire.

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