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Darren Brindle Is A SCAMMER Darren Brindle Is A FRAUD Darren Brindle– Former Senior Consultant at Sinclair James Darren Brindle is a colorful character who I trusted the most from the Sinclair James group. It just goes to show how much I know about people.

Darren Brindle turned out to be nothing more than a slimy second-hand car salesman. He stole my money. My entire life savings. This is a tale of how Darren Brindle ripped off this trusting old American.

I had only recently arrived in Manila from North America with my life savings in tow and dreams of setting up a new life in the Philippines. I joined “Internations” which is a website for meeting like-minded expats in Manila. Little did I know Internations was being used to stalk new arrivals in order to fleece them of their money. Steve Hill from Sinclair James based in Salcedo Village was the meet-and-greet guy who pushed himself into the position of “Internations Manila Ambassador” in order to give him an air of authority and trust.

Steve Hill seemingly helped me find my feet in Manila before passing me onto the next slime ball, Darren Brindle to take care of my finances. And when I say take care of my finances, I mean steal everything I had spent my entire life in the USA earning. Darren Brindle was a young Brit newly arrived from Singapore and I felt comfortable with Darren at first. He advised me to put my money into several schemes claiming various rock bands and British Government councils had put their staff’s salary into these investments.

If British Councils were putting their staff’s money in then surely it was totally legitimate, right? Michael Whiting was Darren’s boss and also put the boot in by claiming he personally vets every single investment and meets with the schemes founder to check them out. I see now that the only vetting Michael Whiting actually did was negotiating with the founder how much of a cut he personally gets from each scam. Sadly, every single investment Darren Brindle advised me to put my money into disappeared within a year.

Each one collapsed with a different unique excuse and turned out to be nothing but a litany of Ponzi scams. All my money was stolen and Darren Brindle was the advisor who made sure I lost it all. Darren Brindle is still in Manila. Conveniently, he started his own company with Wilkes & Whiting The forming of his new company after myself and other investors in Sinclair James lost our life savings to their scams.

To this day, Darren remains advising unsuspecting newly arrived expats to give up their life savings. Keep away from Darren Brindle & Graham Wilkes Keep away from Sinclair James Keep away from

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*** Darren we called him in Singapore. He was thrown out by the governor for doing much the same. Darren is a violent drunk.


Brindle is going to get a visit from BIR soon. They will have his house from him for starters. Thank you Sir!!!

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