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There have been allegations that Sinclair James forged clients’ signatures when making investments. These allegations are entirely true – and there is evidence to prove this.

Clients who believe they may have been scammed in this way should request copy documents from the brokers and study them closely for evidence of forgery. Apart from physical copying, you should look out for photocopied signatures and instructions given without any authorization whatsoever. It was always Sinclair James’ intention to move clients’ money around at their own discretion whenever they wanted to generate commissions for themselves. This was most evident in Whiting’s own Ascenta Funds.

Money was transferred into these funds, either through forgery or by not disclosing Whiting’s personal interest in the funds (as Business Development Director). This generated commissions for him. No prudent investor would have touched this fund. As part of the Universal Mutual Fund (and the disgraced Belvedere Group), Ascenta was registered in Mauritius.

The prospectus showed you were allowing a bunch of people you don’t know to do whatever they liked whenever they liked, without ever having to explain themselves. They said this secrecy was necessary to protect their hedging activities. The real reason was that they didn’t want investors to know they were using your money to prop up their own failing companies, which were in turn returning money to them. Companies like Philippine Metals Inc and Prize Mining Corp.

These two companies had a number of things in common: They shared a number of common directors. They both had officers who were also members of Ascenta (including Whiting). They were both in desperate need of cash, to the extent that their auditors cast doubt on their ability to continue as going concerns. They were appalling investment risks, yet Ascenta decided to put money into them.

This generated fees for Ascenta for “investor relations”, PR, etc. It also provided cash for these two companies to pay their directors. Neither company ever found any minerals or generated any revenues. Philippine Metals Inc has announced that it has effectively ceased operations in the Philippines, with an accumulated deficit of $10M.

Prize Mining Corp has an accumulated deficit of $30M. Your money has been laundered twice; once into the Ascenta Funds, then from there into high-risk companies. For good measure, fees were also sent back to Ascenta again, as a thank you for organizing the cash transfer. Your money has been lost while benefiting the company directors and the officers of Ascenta.

This is not a conspiracy theory. These are facts and almost all are available from public domain sources. You can check them out using Google. The two companies’ filings can be found on

Payments to directors and Ascenta are disclosed in the Related Parties Transactions section of the companies’ filed accounts. This cash was paid initially as consultancy fees to the directors’ companies (probably to avoid Income Tax), then as compensation. Between 2009-15 Philippine Metals Inc paid $2.6M in Related Party transactions to its own officers. The only thing you can’t verify is the fact that Ascenta made investments in Philippine Metals Inc and Prize Mining Corp.

This is because they did everything to keep it secret. Any investor who is unsure should ask Whiting directly if these investments were made. He usually tries to bat the question away. If he confirms the fact then it is an admission of serious fraud.

He can’t say he doesn’t know as he was Treasurer of Philippine Metals, so would know the source of all funds. If he denies the fact then ask him to put that in writing – and report back here! Current investors should be aware that TAM International, like Ascenta, is registered in Mauritius and allows its managers to invest entirely at their own discretion. It is not registered in the Philippines and is not covered by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

Trinitas Advisory is a shell that is trying to hide the identity of the people behind it.

It is not registered in the Philippines, has no permanent address and has a temporary website that hides who registered it and doesn’t even say what it does! Do any of Whiting’s and Wilkes’ current clients have any comments or questions?

Review about: Sinclair James International Investment Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Check this blog post:

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Some info about Michael Phillips — who made this post:

to Righteous Fury #1378431

You should check out the update on his brother:



Brian Dudley placed over 100k of one clients money into Mike Whiting's Ascenta Fund. Whiting was running a incentive trip to Hong Kong 7's (all expenses paid for 2 people) in a desperate bid to 'rake money' in his fledging fund.

to Brian Dudley #1341641

So this means that:

1. A man who claimed to give independent and impartial advice was in reality incentivizing his employees to transfer clients’ money to his own fund.


That these transfers were made without the clients’ full knowledge and even by forging their signatures.

3. That the money was then secretly channeled to companies which were in turn paying fees, commissions and salaries to this man and his colleagues.

4. That these companies would otherwise have collapsed and have since lost their investors’ money.

5. That there is easily verifiable evidence to support these conclusions.

6. That these activities are now being continued under a different company name, where everything has been done to hide the identity of the perpetrators. The Philippines authorities have so far done nothing about this. Of course, there are ways of subverting the course of justice.

However, this is a multimillion Dollar case which will reflect on the country as a whole and put the reputations of officials on the line. The country’s financial services sector is already holed below the water line.

The judicial system itself is now on trial. The country could well become too risky to invest in.

to Deep Throat #1341822

You'll never get any justice in Philippines unless you carry it out yourself.

to GrimReaper #1378430

Carry (take) out is widely available in the Philippines...

to Deep Throat #1345141

If you know anything about the Philippine judicial system you'll know it's bent as a banana. It's all about the 'money.' You'll NEVER get any justice from that pig hole of a place.

It's a cesspit of corruption, crime, greed, filth, drugs, prostitution & frankly, why anyone would chose to live there is beyond me.

Most of the so called "Financial Advisors" are failed or bankrupt in their home countries, they jump on a flight to these 'grubby' 3rd world countries where they some how reinvent themselves and feel superior to the locals . Look at Wilkes as a prime example. Look at Darren Brindle...

kicked out of Singapore unable to practice do to complaints, not having the correct qualifications and being anti-social (drunken fights).

These are the type of people you are dealing with, so what do you expect, honestly...

to YouMustBeJoking #1345531

Everybody knows how the system works and I have seen additional inside information. I don't doubt that others have seen it too.

Whiting's maneuvering is an open secret. But there does come a point where the sums involved are so high (millions of Dollars) and the evidence so compelling that it can't just be swept under the carpet.

It's possible to know which people saw what, when they saw it and the reasoning behind any decisions. At some point they may have to explain themselves, especially as there is every likelihood of a reoccurrence of the investments crashing. The same system is being continued under a new company name.

At some point it will come out that people were warned.

There is also the wider question of investment in the Philippines. If you have come to the conclusion that it's a terrible place to live (and I disagree), then others are likely to conclude that it's a terrible place to invest.

At some point the country will have to change how it is perceived.

Apart from this, there is the question of protecting current clients. If they are being told that this is just a vendetta then they should be encouraged to look at all the independent evidence available in the public domain.

to YouMustBeJoking #1345533

These companies do NOT have correct licensing to operate in Philippines. They are NOT authorized to sell investments under the Security & Exchanges Commission (SEC).

They will be registered as "ADMIN" only branches.

So every day they brake the law.


to Brian Dudley #1378532

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