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Sinclair James Now Trintas is renting hot desk office space in order to project "squeaky Clean" image from Stock Exchange Tower, Makati. They are fooling every one again by their sneaky facade.

They pay the local Filipino staff to answer phone in their new company name. They have use of meeting room also to make it all look like 'legitimate' firm.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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For more on the guy who made this post:


Maybe Whiting is still reassuring clients that all these comments are just made by jealous competitors. If they are unsure, clients should ask the following questions:

Why are Sinclair James switching clients into another company when they have an established brand in Manila?

Why are they not authorized to sell securities in the Philippines?

Why are they selling products which are unlicensed and illegal in the Philippines?

Why has the website been in embryonic form for nine months?

Why does their website not say what they do?

Why does the website not describe the team and its experience/qualifications? Why was the website registered by Domains By Proxy? (check it using the whois website. Google “Domains By Proxy”).

Why do they want to hide the identity of people behind Trinitas? Could it be that they want no audit trail when it goes belly up? Why does a company which wants to attract clients have such a low key presence? Why are they selling investments registered in Mauritius which can be invested without explanation, when their Ascenta funds were identical and went into administration?

(Ascenta was used to channel funds into Philippine Metals Inc.

This company returned large amounts of money to its Officers (including Whiting), before ceasing operations in the Philippines in February 2017, without ever discovering any minerals). So many questions, so few answers…..

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