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This is a summary of what we know about Sinclair James, Michael Whiting and his associates: From Public Domain Records We know with certainty that Whiting lied about every aspect of his business. This included the company’s legal status, his and his staff’s professional qualifications, the legality and safety of products he was pushing, the commissions and charges he was taking.

We know that he was not independent and that he was diverting client money to the Ascenta funds in which he had an interest. These funds in turn could have channeled money to mining companies where he was a director. We know that a co-director (who we are told may be taking over the business) is an undischarged UK bankrupt and would normally be disqualified from taking on directorships. The 90% insurance cover which he claimed existed in the Isle of Man did not exist at all.

We know that a so-called Wealth Management and Asset Protection company lost millions for its clients by advising them to put money in unregistered funds which largely collapsed – but which gave them high commissions. Enigma Diagnostics is just the latest in a long list to formally announce insolvency. TAM International is not the same as TAM Asset Management. Like Ascenta Asset Management, it is registered in Mauritius and is subject to “discretionary asset management”.

Ascenta’s websites disappeared without warning in January 2016. All of this information is freely available from the following sources: Sinclair James websites Philippines SEC registrations Professional membership lists (searchable online). Prospectuses of the funds he was pushing. UK bankruptcy records.

Ascenta Asset Management website (since removed) and prospectus. Press releases and reports. Online CVs and employment records. Documents which are not freely available We are told that there are documents which prove that: A client’s whole portfolio was changed by forging his signature several times.

That Whiting admitted there had been fraud and personally guaranteed to reimburse the client. That these documents have been notarized, properly authenticated and appear genuine. That Whiting is now denying the existence of a document which bears his signature. That Whiting admitted he was taking ongoing commissions and charges from the clients’ money, when his terms stated that they would only be taken at the outset.

That one or more salesmen/”consultants” resigned rather than sell what he was told to sell. That these proofs have been submitted to the Philippines authorities and that legal cases are ongoing. The claimant would no doubt have to prove the authenticity of these documents.

If they are genuine then it is difficult to see how Whiting could defend himself, other than by following the less conventional methods available in the Philippines…. The world now waits to see how the Philippines judicial system reacts to these documents.

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Michael Whiting also had another business and for a very long time didn't pay the suppliers and staff salaries, insurance, tax ect. These same people have successfully took Whiting to court and a warrent is now served for his arrest should he return to the Philippines.

He is now in the UK with his wife and daughter no doubt looking for his next way to rob, lie and steal from innocent individuals. Karma I hope serves him and extra large portion!

to Anonymous #1447952

Obvious pattern emerging now from said thread above. Whiting was nothing but a snake in the grass.

Someone who put their own interests above that of their clients. How do you sleep at night Whiting?

to GargageFace #1448655

very well

to GargageFace #1455065

Very well in his home in Worthing, England

to DontTrust18 #1456967

If anyone has the address of his address in the UK or the family house that is owned in the Philippines, i would be grateful. I can deal with him in both countries - just require a lead!


What's amazing about these scurrilous posts by Michael Phillips (who has a *lot* of time on his hands) is that they drag down a legitimate businessman because of his own inadequacies.

As Theodore Roosevelt said;

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

to Ayn Rand #1413461

OR as Jim Royle once said ...........................................My ***!!!!!!

to Ayn Rand #1447358

Looks like Mr Phillipz was right all along about Whiting, Wilkes and Brindles.

Quezon City, Manila, Philippines #1288941

I have read so many different threads about Whiting and his band of Merry Men, but, to be honest, I feel that I can be the perfect judge, having worked and socialized with Whiting and many others connected to him over the years. I wish I had believed those that had warned me in the past but all I can do now is hope the same thing doesn't happen to others.

He has this way of pulling you in, getting you to trust him and then you find yourself looking forward to seeing him again to have another drink after work.

Mark my word, he is a liar, a cheat, a fraud. He will *** you, steal from you and then blame every other person around him as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. I know at least half a dozen individuals that have trusted him and then lost tens of thousands of dollars to him either via investments or doing business with him in other ways.

A word of warning, steer clear of this man and anything or anyone related to him. He is a disgusting disease that will eat away at you and your money.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!A word of warning, steer clear of this man and anything or anyone related to him.

He is a disgusting disease that will eat away at you and your money. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

to Anonymous #1289632

Sadly, there are some parts of life where you have little choice but to put trust in someone else – your doctor, for example. A Financial Advisor would not be far behind in terms of the damage he could do to you.

You have to assume that their prime goal is to do their best for you.

To feel safe, you will probably choose somebody who has a recognized professional qualification. You will assume there is a supervisory body making sure that everyone is playing by the rules. Failing that, you will be sure that any fraudster will be deterred by the certainty of a long jail sentence from an independent judicial system.

Most of these controls are missing in the Philippines. Whiting lied about every aspect of his business, including qualifications.

The SEC has let him operate in the center of Makati for over 20 years without any questions. It is relatively easy to evade justice, so long as you know the right people. You may have a case that is 95% sewn up – and I have seen documents that make it absolutely clear that Whiting is a fraudster – but he will try to find someone on the inside who will question where the t’s aren’t crossed and the i’s aren’t dotted. At that point you have to say that it’s just too dangerous to invest in this country and you need to get your money out.

As people have said, he’s very credible as a *** man.

However, he also benefits from the circumstances. It seems impossible that a man from the land of Her Majesty the Queen, the land of fair play, would wrap your whole life up and take it down to the casino. When he gives you calm reassurance you accept it because it’s what you want to hear. It would be too painful to think that anybody could treat you with such callousness.

Taking the medical analogy, Whiting put on a white coat and opened a consultancy in Makati.

He surrounded himself with young men wearing stethoscopes, who didn’t have a medical qualification between them. He prescribed medication which was banned in the Philippines, based purely on the kickbacks he got from the drug companies. When the drugs proved to be toxic he claimed there had been no crime as he’d never touched your money. He’d just given advice and it was your fault for taking it.

A laughable defense, but one which can be accepted if you find the right people.

The penny has now dropped for many people. Painful as it is, they know this man is a fraudster. Period. Some have lost their temper.

The complaints websites have, unfortunately, been contaminated by some comments which are scurrilous and libelous. Others will keep their cool and pick their moment. I should imagine that Whiting walks down the street with some nervousness now. The rumored closure of his business could mean several things.

It could be that the authorities are finally taking some action. It could be that a business becomes untenable when a simple Google search shows a torrent of complaints next to the company website. For those people who have been told that they are safe with TAM International because it has “discretionary asset management”, this is what it means. You agree to give your money to a bunch of people you’ve never met.

They are free to do with it whatever they want. If they make a profit then they take their cut first. If they make a loss they still take their cut first. The only chance of you making money is if they take high risks which could give above average returns.

It is actually what Sinclair James were doing before. They have just taken steps to insulate themselves by channeling the risks through someone else now. If it all goes wrong you will discover that TAM International isn’t regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. The website says they are closely linked to TAM Asset Management in London, but they are separate.

They are registered in Ebene, Mauritius. Whiting has form here. He was laundering client money through an insurance company to his own Ascenta funds, registered in Ebene, Mauritius. This was a totally unacceptable conflict of interests.

Ascenta disappeared in January 2016. Try contacting somebody to complain…. The best thing you can do is find out if you can withdraw your money at the valuation they are currently showing. It is only their valuation and may not be accurate.

They may have put you into a Bond - and that will cost you. If anybody else wants to manage your funds ask them if you can check with the SEC that they are authorized to give advice.

Don’t touch anybody associated with Whiting and get this message out to all members of the ex-pat community. The best way to combat this type of fraudster is to starve them of funds.

to Financial Analyst #1289749

Whiting is living the high life at your expense. He sends his daughter to the most expensive school in Philippines, eats at high end restaurants, drinks in all the well heeled establishments, rubbing shoulders with his next potential victims.

How do you feel that the money you've worked for all your life is being diminished by an unscrupulous ginger headed twerp like him?

Whiting is getting ready to 'lay low' for a while, hopefully justice will come swiftly.


Good summary. I would like to add: Whiting carried on placing client monies into Toxic Funds when he knew there were 'issues' with these toxic investments.

This was plain out and out recklessness which is tantamount to thievery. He knew the fund was crashing yet continued to place client money and take exorbitant commissions.

to RatintheKitchen #1286457

Do you have proof that Whiting knew there were issues when he placed money in these toxic funds?

Whiting’s modus operandi has been to tell the biggest lies possible, since they are the ones most likely to be believed. He wasn’t the most ethical advisor in Asia – he was probably the least ethical.

He didn’t strictly adhere to all regulations – he adhered to none. All of his staff were not professionally qualified – none of them were. He was not independent – he was putting client money into his own funds. The investments were not free of volatility – the results show they were highly dangerous.

He seems to think that people would just trust him and not retain any evidence or proof.

As mentioned in the initial post, there is plenty of Public Domain proof floating around indelibly on the Internet. His rebuttal on another website has tried to blame disgruntled employees and assert that only he has the integrity to explain things to his clients. But the evidence is out there – irrefutable – he lied.

He has claimed that he did not agree to reimburse any client, but I have seen a copy of a document which proves he did. It looks genuine.

It is signed by both parties, notarized and authenticated. It would be easy for the claimant to prove its veracity.

Why would anybody make claims which can so easily be disproved? He is either *** or confident that he has somebody protecting him.

Ultimately, you can’t risk your own integrity by protecting somebody who is so obviously lying. That is why this case is now the acid test for whether it is safe to invest in the Philippines.

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