Anybody who followed advice to transfer their funds from Sinclair James to Trinitas Advisory should be aware of the following: The Trinitas Advisory site was registered in September 2016.It is still unfinished and looks like it is just there to give a token internet presence.

The domain was registered by Domains by Proxy, an organization that is used to protect the identity of site owners. It has in the past been used by fraudsters. Why would a bona fide financial advisor wish to protect his identity? Why would they not develop a site to make their services available to the widest possible clientele?

Sinclair James has now been exposed for what it is and they are looking for other aliases to cover their activities. Potential clients need to be very aware of the dangers posed by this or any other apparent surrogate. If you are unsure you should get absolute proof that they are regulated by the SEC and that all securities are properly registered.

We know what the answer will be.Do not allow Whiting and Wilkes to give any excuses over this.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Search this on Google to learn more about the guy (and his brother) who spew this drivel:



Some insight into the guy and his brother who are spewing:



Look at this...Sinclair James or their latest venture Trinidas Advisory next???

None of the above companies are authorized to sell investments in Philippines by The Security & Exchanges Commission.

Buyer beware, all transactions are fraudulent.



I've been financially raped by Mike Whiting & Steve Hill. Graham Wilkes stood by and watched.


Trinidas Advisory was set up so Whiting could separate TAM clients from the majority of toxic past investments that he promoted.Whiting is making big money every quarter as the TAM clients are charged 'management fees.' This brings in big revenues for him, Wilkes & Brindle who has recently purchased $500,000 house in Philippines.

They continue to rip off their hapless clients unhindered. They live luxury lifestyle (at their investors expense/loss) trying to out manoeuvre anyone that gets in their way.

The only way to stop these fraudsters is to lock them up and take all their assets.They have both Philippine 'local' bank accounts but keep the majority of their money offshore to 'feed' their local accounts.


Even as a development site "Trinidas Advisory" is extraordinary.

A "whois" search​ confirms the date it was set up and that Domains by Proxy is the anonymous registrant.In seven months they have gone to great lengths to tell you nothing.

Not who they are, what they do, where they are based - nothing. If Whiting's "Sinclair James Travel" site was an attempt to divert attention away from his financial activities, this just looks like an attempt to show that a new venture does actually exist.

It would look even more suspicious if there were no Internet presence at all.This tries to pass under the radar by bearing a resemblance to other real organisations - Trinitas Advisors, Trinitas Partners, etc.

If this is the new container for his TAM products, then it will mean he is continuing to channel Client money through an unregistered fund in Mauritius - just as he did with his Ascenta funds.

Any comments from existing clients about what they were told?

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